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Welcome to Salsa Dance Junkies

London based salsa classes for salsa dance junkies everywhere!

So you've started salsa classes and got the salsa bug, and now you want to know more an more an more!? Stuck at beginner’s improver’s or intermediate levels? Or lacking the technique or the confidence to move up a level? We at Salsa Dance Junkies feel that beginner’s improver’s and intermediate levels are some of the most pivotal for a student's development, making the transition from beginners to improvers or improvers to intermediate can be a bit of a jump and varies from class to class. This can leave students with many questions and frustrations. We at Salsa Dance Junkies wanted to offer classes that would reflect the needs of students who wanted more out of their salsa classes so they can really progress with their dancing. So we are starting by focusing on core techniques and fundamental basics for these levels in a studio environment in the heart of the city. Classes will be drop in, no partner necessary. Please see classes page for details We believe that classes should be progressive and cater for both leader and follower equally with emphasis on the synergy of this relationship, and that classes should ensure adequate time be given to each student. Therefore numbers may be limited in the future. We hope you feel the same and look forward to seeing you in class soon! Mucho Salsa Love! Salsa Dance Junkies Team